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Why is it so hard?

Posted by BotDon - November 14th, 2018

Damn boys, i whant to begin sumthing since people say I have a correct level but..... i can'ttttt it's like impossible for me to finish a simple SCENE then imagine for a project? I means It's really stupid but it's really a step, you start a project is funny but you ended up very quickly get tired like "oh lol it really starts to get drunk this shit" BUT WHY Deep down I feel guilty It's hard because there is a lot of things around you stress, depression, The fear of not being the height of these ideas, it's also hard to work there or sleep, eat and the place where you have fun means spending 90% of your time in the same place, you also have to know how to discipline yourself, to be your own boss, you also have to know how to organize and then ... stop the organization by being lazy, be the leader of it's even worse to live with guilt, but it's even harder when you see the work of the other animator, so yes it's useless to compare to each other but .... it's hard: / it is to find oneself in this negative spiral that blocks all creativity but also any effort on his work. (sorry for the bad english)


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you can always have a break brother

Grrr i don't whant to take a break i means i still whant to animate but i can't finish fuckin project

Have self-confidence and take your time
Stop feeling guilty because you aren't guilty, you are just a bit lost. It's normal, sometimes it happens
And if you want take a break, take a break
It's all I can say
And also a music for relaxing : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=171sbYBRiG4

Yeah i think u right.. also thanks for the music ! that cool :p



Take things step by step. Work on one thing a day, take it easy - eat well, hydrate properly. And while you relax, plan ahead. Have some pencil and paper handy, and above all, have fun. Lemme know if you want more pep-talk.

Well thanks for the advice, and thanks for the supports that cool ! :p

It's okay sonny. I've always been in your shoes, especially in cases like these. Sometimes, you just gotta at least take a few breaks, and take a look at some stuff that might keep your shit together. Trust me, what you saw from me after these 3 months have shown its drastic effect, and I'm sure you'll be back into shape in no time.

If you said that, i trust you man i hope..

@Crazyninja2355 @BotDon maybe cuz u very cool <3

@Crazyninja2355 @BotDon maybe cuz u very cool <3