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Posted by BotDon - 1 month ago

No more BOTDon :

Yeah hi, well I don't have much to say except that I don't want to be part of the madness community anymore (oh no again !?). ) the community disgusted me a lot but I don't think it's really the community that's the problem I think it's just me, I took madness too seriously these last weeks and I was tired of seeing the same things over and over again without any innovation, I was afraid for the future of madness and to see the community fall down but I realize that nobody really gives a fuck about madness in the end, it's just a hobby for most people and I think it's pretty sad. But anyway, as far as my project is concerned, I'll try to finish it, I WILL finish it, but I don't know when it will not be for this madness day, I think? maybe for the next one but I'm not going to touch the madness in a long time I think, I would only like to finish this project to give respect to all the people who helped me I think about Anjak/Andy, Dankon, DatSalty, cturix, sentry turbo, datsimple, toxic180, Rat_prim etc... I would like to finish this project for those people who participated I thought I would have a longer future on madness I had a lot of project in mind but I'm clearly not going to keep it. 

(lazy to see if the english is correct)



(Thx for atp and clee3d)


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The brighter the star - the shorter it's lifespan.

<3 BOTDon.

Thanks man, but i don't think that i was a star more like.. a spark

aaa, this is bad(

When someone will die someone else will born

Aww BotDon,
welp good luck out there, your animations were very inspiring

Shut the fuck up your one of the biggest fuckin stupid ass kid i never seen of my life your one of the reason that i want to quit this community and your not alone faggot

Dang i should of commented sooner but here,
it was nice having you around, you were a big inspiration, i guess i should thank you for doing what you did, you gave me tons of motivation sad to see you go, but i understand all that.

No need to thx me i didn't do a lot and that pretty sad i am not happy with my madness career but whatever i can't do a lot of that, it's like that and i can't change the pass

Welp, have a good future. You have motivated me in some ways. Sad to see a somewhat new (3 years isnt that big) animator go.

No need to thanks me man, it's not a lot i am just trying to help every peoples who ask that all. Thanks you again.

Hey man, good luck out there, i really appreciate your help when i first got into animation, it really helped me a lot and without you it could have me taken more time to learn such things.

Again no need to thanks me it's nothing i just wanted to help peoples who need it that all, Thanks you a lot.

aw man that really sucks to hear , but understandable, i had similar things going with other communities , so i really feel what you're going through , and i respect your decision man , kinda sucks knowing i used to look up to you when it comes to your work . but hey , best of lucks for your project.

I think about my futur and i can't go no where with madness skillz animations + the community and the same animation again n again.. anyway if you understand it's cool thanks you a lot man it's cool best of lucks for your project too

@Matter-of-time-DZ @BotDon oh man , i actually agree and encourage you to do so , altho i don't think must leave madness entirely , you can learn other stuff in paralel but if leaving madness is mendatory to reach your goal and i would encourage you to follow your dream. i would always encourage people to learn more traditional and universal forms of art starting from the basics before moving into something more stylised like madness because as you said, as much as i think madness is cool it won't lead you anywhere in the animation field , endustrywise or freelance . so yea ,go for it man , and i am hoping to see more of you soon.

Sad to hear this man,but i understand.

What's Going On Guys ?

botdon is dead

Hope We Missed Him...

Thats Sucks, Not Disrespect Its True.